Peppermint may help IBS  

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The essential oil in peppermint may calm many stomach problems. Peppermint stimulates the gallbladder, relieves gas, aids in digestion, and has antispasmodic properties which soothes & calms sore cramping muscles.

If you suffer from IBS talk to your doctor about taking small doses of peppermint each day to ease IBS symptoms.

8 quick & easy ways to add peppermint to your diet:

1. Drink peppermint tea.
2. Add fresh peppermint leaves to a glass of iced tea.
3. Add flavor by laying a couple fresh leaves on top of a cut of meat while baking.
3. Try making peppermint sauce to pour over ice cream for a dessert.
4. Finely mince fresh peppermint leaves and add to your favorite brownies recipe, fudge recipe, chocolate cookies, chocolate candies...the possibilities are endless!
5. Try cutting a leaf of peppermint in half and stirring it into a cup of hot cocoa.
6. Add a drop of peppermint extract to a pitcher of eggnog.
7. Make a batch of mashed potatoes. Add a 1/4 teaspoon finely minced fresh peppermint leaves. Also add sour cream, butter, salt & pepper, all to taste. This side dish goes great with a roast or steaks.
8. Add a unique twist to box mac n' cheese by sprinkling a pinch or two of minced peppermint into the finish pasta and stir well. Some of these are not the healthiest ways to add peppermint to your diet but, they are the ones that popped into my head while writing this. Who doesn't love peppermint with chocolate and other desserts? You can really add peppermint to almost anything or any recipe so just experiment, a little at a time, to find out how much you like & what you like it in.


* Use peppermint oil in very small doses.
* Peppermint oil is toxic in high doses.
* Pure menthol is poison, never take pure menthol internally.
* Dilute peppermint tea when giving to children and never give peppermint to a baby.

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