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Take a muslin bag or cheese cloth.
Fill full with lavender buds. Dry or fresh.
Sew or tie shut. (If you tie it shut, tie it well!)
Add 5 drops of lavender essential oil directly to the bag.
Place the bag into the dryer with your load of clothes and that's it!

Bag will last for about 4-6 dryer cycles.
After that, sprinkle on your carpet and vacuum up.

(They actually sell these at Trader Joe's grocery store for about $10, I think, for 2 bags. You can buy muslin bags for about 20 cents each and lavender is about $2-3 per 1/4 pound. That is what www.herbco.com charges me. Plus shipping of course. My point, you can really make a LOT of these bags for the cost of 2 bags from Trader Joe's.)

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